Model of Machine workshop


Model of a machine workshop, containing 44 machines, workbenches and foreman's office, in glazed case on table stand and separately a model overhead crane and 3 model work benches and hand tools

Model of machine workshop, c. 1850-1870. This model, made between 1850 and 1880, gives a good impression of a machine shop of the period driven by steam. The model includes the type of machine tools that would have been seen in a workshop undertaking general machine-building during that time. Unusually, the steam engine providing motive power is sited in the workshop itself - usually, it would have been in a separate room. Individual machines are positioned to receive power from lineshafting driven by the engine. This arrangement persisted until well into the twentieth century, until the advent of the electric motor. The large, steam-driven tools are supplemented by a number of smaller, treadle-operated lathes, as well as a large number of small tools for hand-finishing items.


Hand and Machine Tools
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iron, paint, steel (metal) and wood (unidentified)
machine tools-model workshop
Graham, A