Structural elements from the James Watt Workshop

1790-1795 in United Kingdom

Reproduction of the James Watt Workshop by H.M. Office of Works, consisting of a skylight roof hatch, fireplace, double sash window with frame, door with frame and other structural elements from Heathfield presented by J.T. Hudson Esq. and Arthur Round Esq.

When the Science Museum acquired the contents of James Watt's workshop from his old house, 'Heathfield', at Handsworth, Birmingham, it did so from Watt's descendants. However, Heathfield was being sold so the building could be demolished to allow redevelopment of the site. In order for the workshop reconstruction at the Science Museum to be as authentic as possible, museum staff negotiated to acquire the strucutral elements of the workshop as well as its contents. These included the shelf sitting on banisters outside the workshop door, where servants could place food for Watt to fetch when he had a moment to break away from experiments in the workshop. The components were acquired not from the Watt family, but from JT Hudson and Arthur Round, then owners of the site and house.


James Watt's Garret Workshop
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H.M. Office of Works