Graham, Gordon

2000-08-10; 2000-08-21; in York
Frank Paterson

royal train; stationmaster; special trains, circus, football; First Aid; trade unions; training; family; school; Second World War; career; job offer, LNER; booking office, Castleford; RAF; demobilisation; ambitions; clerk; Castleford; duties; relief clerk, Leeds; training; examinations; Chief Inspector Reynolds; royal train; HM Queen Elizabeth II; stationmaster, Earswick, 1947; duties, pick-up working; coal sales; shunting, Earswick; staff; stationmaster, Hunwick; interview; freight, Bishop Auckland; damages; staffing; conditions; hours; rosters; West Auckland; Shildon Yard; control; Darlington; Lance Ibbotson; inspections; station gardens; promotion; station house, moving house; stationmaster duties; collieries; gradient workings; coal freight; school train, Eshwinning; special trains, Durham Miners' Gala; telegraph; freight; control, career; private sidings; stationmaster; Loftus; station house, Crook, 1953; passengers, parcels; customers; brickworks; ASLEF strike 1955; football train; special trains; Yard Master, North Stockton; management style; customers; derailment; coal freight; stationmaster, Ely, 1958; ambition; BBC visit stationmaster, Ipswich; office outing; Ipswich circus train; commuters; Ipswich; staff training; First Aid movement; HST derailment; traffic management; Liverpool St; 1961; Ipswich; ambitions; training; timetables; electrification Shenfield; commuters; attitudes; staffing; Stratford; immigrants; wages; operations; Asst. Movements Ops Off., Frank Hick; Woking Staff College, 1965; District Mgr, Wakefield; freight; Movements Ops Off., steel; congestion; merry go round coal; regional merger; Div. Movements Mgr; Tinsley Yard; Regional Movements Mgr. d.o.b. 1923-03-22 railway work 1939-1982. Woking; Ipswich; Liverpool St; Tinsley Yard; London North Eastern Railway (LNER). 3.1496 x 2.8346 x .315 in.


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