Huskisson Memorial

Huskinsson Memorial Plaque. Huskisson Memorial, detail

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Huskinsson Memorial Plaque.
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Huskisson Memorial, detail
Science Museum Group Collection

Memorial tablet, marble, restored original from the Huskisson Memorial, commemorating the accidental death of William Huskisson MP at Parkside on the opening day of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway , 15 September 1830.

When the Liverpool & Manchester Railway was opened in 1830, Rocket, driven by John Locke, was approaching Parkside Station where dignitaries were gathered on the track after disembarking from their own special train. William Huskisson MP was unable to get off the track safely and Rocket collided with his leg as he tried to get out of its path. His injury proved to be fatal.

The text of this plaque reads:

This tablet, a tribute of personal respect and affection, has been placed here to mark the spot where on the 15th September 1830 the day of the opening of this rail road, the Right Honourable William Huskisson M.P, singled out by the decree of an inscrutable providence from the distinguished multitude that surrounded him, in the full pride of his talents and the perfection of his usefulness met with the accident that occasioned his death: which deprived England of an illustrius statesman and Liverpool of its most honored representative, which changed a moment of the noblest exultation and triumph that science and genius had ever achieved into one of desolation and mourning: and striking terror into the hearts of assembled thousands, brought home to every bosam the forgotten truth that 'in the midst of life we are in death'


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