George II's Grand Orrery

1733 in London
Thomas Wright

Large orrery on pedestal base with with gilded horse head decorations beneath the calendar ring and glazed cover, original maker unknown, enlarged by Thomas Wright, Fleet Street, London, 1733. Inscribed 'All the Machinery of this instrument was made new in 1733 by Tho Wright Instrument maker to His MAJESTY GEORGE II'.

The original orrery on which the enlargement was made measured three-feet in diameter and the maker is unknown. Thomas Wright, a mathematical instrument maker, made such extensive modifications to this orrery in 1733 that it has since been referred to as 'Wright's Grand Orrery'. It was enlarged for King George II, George III's grandfather, to include all the then known planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter (with its four moons) and Saturn (with five of its many moons) in addition to the Sun and the Moon.