Main logic assembly board of Commodore PET 2001, 1979.

1979 in United States
Commodore Business Machines

PET microcomputer system by Commodore. The PET keyboard has 73 keys including graphics characters. The machine was conceived by Chuck Peddle who later founded Tandon. Exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show in the United States in January 1977, the Commodore PET (Personal Electronic Transactor) was one of the first consumer-level microcomputers to be launched. Together with the Apple II and the Radio Shack TS 80, the PET revolutionised home computing. It was a popular machine and three models were made with increasing memory capacity: the PET 2001-8N (with 8 KB RAM), the PET 2001-16N (with 16 KB RAM ) and the PET 2001-32N (with 32KB RAM). The SuperPET, which followed in 1981, was the first computer to have coprocessors. Manufactured by Commodore Business Machines, United States.