"Britannic" mechanical cash register, made in London


"Britannic" mechanical cash register, made in London, serial no. 2759.2, 30005, 1909-1939

"Britannic" calculating machines and "Britannic" cash registers were made in England by Guy's Calculating Machines Ltd, established by Frank E. Guy and based at the Truro Works in Truro Road, Wood Green, London. The company patented their first machine in February 1909. As the company name suggests, their production focused on calculated machines but they also made mechnical cash registers and, as advertised in "Wireless World" in June 1959, "Brittape" endless loop tape cassette. In 1939, Frank Guy sold the company and in 11965 the company moved to Witham, Essex. The company sold again in about 1969, by which time it had become a general precision sub-contracting works.

Very few of their non-calculating machines have survived. We have Science Museum Group no. 1999-1178 "Britannic" barrel calculating machine, 1930-1939 also in Science Museum Group collections.


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