Electric cash register by RIV, Italy


Cash register by RIV, Italy, electric, serial nos. 9571154501/04 and RIV470702880

This electric cash register was made by Roberto Incerti & C. - Villar Perosa S.A. or Ricardo Incerti Villar, better known as RIV, factory, an Italian manufacturing company active from 1906 to 1965. RIV was established in Turin in 1906 by FIAT founder Giovanni Agnelli, originally as a metallurgic company to make ball bearings and other product to the Italian automotive industry including FIAT.

RIV quickly expanded to produce other products and in 1908 the company acquired a large factory in the Torinese village of Villar Perosa as well. The company made products as varied as machine guns and cash registers. RIV seems to have made mechanical and electric cash registers from the 1930s through to the 1960s. This electric cash register was most likely made after the Second World War.

In 1965, RIV was absorbed by Swedish company AB SKF. The former RIV factories in Turin were abandoned in 1971 with one of them being transformed into a bank in the 1970s.


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