Cash Register made by International Cash Register Co


Cash Register made by International Cash Register Co, 29 Blackfriars Street, Manchester, England.

This is a rare Victorian cash register from the International Cash Register Company of Manchester. This walnut and brass register is of unusual construction and decoration with porcelain plaques on the front, bevelled glass mirrors to the side and back, and with beautiful brass fittings throughout. The inside counters are equally impressive as is the oak-lined cash drawer, which runs on steel rails and iron casters.

A contemporary illustrated newspaper advertisement from the Sheffield Weekly Telegraph dated 12 December 1896, described their cash register such: "There is no time lost in working, no learning required - the dullest assistant can work it easily after a few minutes' practice."

It is believed National Cash Registers (NCR) purchased the International Cash register Company so their cash registers are quite rare as they were only produced in small numbers before NCR took over the company.


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