Peter Pay/James Crowe

2000-04-17 in National Railway Museum

Made during the interview training session. 1950-90s. Topics: management training; BRB Community Unit Places: Bletchley; Norwich;Watford, P. Pay, T1 childhood, Second World War; T2 joining railway, 1950, junior porter/signal lad; junior booking & parcels clerk, Hendon; NationalService; T3 national Service; training, 1957; railway mayors; T4 ambition, Relief Stationmaster; T5 training, Rules & Regulations; traffic apprenticeship exam; Accounts Office; management, staff; Area Manager, Bletchley, 1965; T6 National Sundries Scheme, 1968; containerisation, Freightliners; Planning Manager; Channel Tunnel, 1971-75; T7 Safety Invigilator, Channel Tunnel, 1994; 1970s, National Parcels Plan; Divisional Operations Manager, Norwich, 1980; T8 night work; J. Crowe T9 family; T10 education; choice of career; T11 BR graduate recruitment; management training scheme; T12 training, staff relations; T13 atmosphere on railway, attitude to trainees; T14 management experiences in different posts; European courses; MBA; T15 closure of Locomotive Depot; Planning Assistant; T16 lecturer at Watford Management Training College; BRB HQ; Cliff Rose; T17 BRB Community Unit, 1988; Peter Parker, Bob Reid; business in community; privatisation; T18 privatisation; redundancy; community enterprise scheme; T19 Bill Parker; family; T20 NAROH; End.


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