One of eighty-six early incandescent lamps. Carboo

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One of eighty-six early incandescent lamps. Carboon filament lamp, single loop filament, one support attached to side of bulb. Attachement method? Clear bulb. Top pip. Bayonet cap with large flat brass contact plates plaster insulation. Robertson ( etched on glass).150-16 D.E. (etched onglass) (volts & c.p.?).

The Robertson Company began to manufacture lamps in 1895. J. C. Robertson had begun working on electric lamps with St. George Lane Fox and the factory used by the company had originally belonged to the Brush Company, which had once manufactured Lane Fox lamps. Like other companies, the Robertson Company made a wide range of lamps.

This lamp is an early form of bayonet cap, 150V, 8 c.p.


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carbon filament lamp
Institution of Electronical Engineering