One of eighty-six early incandescent lamps. Arch

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One of eighty-six early incandescent lamps. Arch filament, thick and stiff. No support. Filament affects to have thickened ends resting on right-angle-bent platnium (?) Wires - the end of the filament proper passing through holes in the wires. Platiniums connected to substantial copper wires (showing what appears to be oxidation) held apart by mica (?) plate to which they are rivetted. Each copper wire is welded to four platinium wires passing through a pinch seal. Large clear pear shaped bulb. Top pip. Large Thomas Houston base, plaste attached and insulated, located by dimples in the glass (base cylindrical large circular plate at bottom with central female screw thread). Ediswan - has "EDISWAN SERIES" etched on glass. Thomas Houston - has on base THOMAS HOUSTON SAWYER - MAN PATENTS, JAN 1 19, MAY 12 85, OCT 30 88, PATENTS APPLIED FOR 6.8 AMPS 32 CP eched on glass. For base see 1923 - 135 (3).


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carbon filament lamp, series burning
Institution of Electronical Engineering