Print showing the brain and blood vessels of the human body, Paris, France, 1678

1678 in Paris
Amé Bourdon

print; engraving, with Mss. keys added lhs. Anatomical drawing /Ame Bourdon; engraved by Daniel le Bossu; published by Laurens D'Houry, Paris 1678. 110x91.5cm. Being Table 8 from A Bourdon, Nouvelle description Anatomique (Paris 1678)

The blood vessel system and the structure of the brain in the human body is shown next to a cut-away of a female body. Measuring over one metre tall, this is one of sixteen plates of 'Nouvelles tables anatomiques' or 'New Anatomical Tables'. Each plate showing the layers of muscle, bone and blood vessels in the human body was drawn by Amé Bourdon (1683-1706), a French physician and anatomist, and engraved by Daniel Le Bossu. On the left hand side is a manuscript key to identify each part of the body. The work was published in 1679 and was probably used by medical students to learn anatomy, especially at a time when few bodies were available for dissection.


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Framed: 1260 mm x 1008 mm x 35 mm,
Image: 1100 mm x 915 mm x 1 mm,
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