associated society of locomotive engineers and firemen to certifiy that Tom Jackson was admitted as a member


An illuminated address presented by the Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen to certify that Tom Jackson was admitted as a member of the Sheffield No. 2 Branch on the 20th October 1912, signed by H. B. Mitchilson, Secretary. It is decorated with images and slogans. The central image is an engine driver and fireman on a steam engine footplate shaking hands, above the slogan "Brothers in Unity for Mutual Help." Surrounding images of the Rocket, 1825, an ocean going liner, a passenger train, a suburban electric, a second passenger train, and a factory with goods sidings. Above this are five neo-classical images of Hercules, Agriculture, Justice, Commerce and Vulcan with the slogan "The Public Safety and our own protection". At each corner are images of James Watt, George Stephenson, two doves to represent "Knowledge and Peace" and a beehive to signify "Industry and Reward". Beneath the wording of the address is a symbolic wagon coupling mechanism. Designed and lithographed by Goodall & Suddick Ltd, Printers, Leeds.


Object Number:
illuminated address
Booth, R. J.