L&NWR & L&Y Jt staff notice

Cast iron station sign, London & North Western Railway and Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Joint, warning to staff and other persons.

This safety notice lays out the various safety measures that staff and others needed to undertake to prevent injury or accident, placing responsibility on the individual to take care of their own safety.

It is lengthy and very specific, reading:

"Serious or fatal accidents having occured through want of caution on the part of persons employed on the station the members of the staff, and all other persons, are warned.

1) That they must not stand under cranes or hatchways whilst working so as to expose themselves to risk or injury in the event of a mishap overhead.

2) That they must not pass between the buffers of two wagons on the same line standing only a short distance from each other without first satisfying themselves that the wagons are in no way connected for removal with an engine, capstan, horse, or any other power.

3) That coupling sticks must be used for coupling and uncoupling wagons.

Any disregard of these instructions must be immediately reported by members of the staff. By Order."


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