Powder fire extinguisher by Chubb Panorama Ltd, 1970-1987

Fire extinguisher, red, general purpose, powder

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Fire extinguisher, red, general purpose, powder
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Fire extinguisher, red, general purpose, powder, by Chubb Panorama Ltd, Bognor Regis, Sussex, 2 Kilogramme charge, empty

This fire extinguisher follows the colour coding system introduced in 1997, with the blue colour coding for a powder extinguisher present above the instructions whilst the extinguisher itself is predominantly red. Prior to this system extinguishers tended to be painted in their entirety based on the colour code of the extinguisher.

However, this extinguisher is credited as being manufactured by Chubb Panorama Ltd, one of many subsidiaries of the Chubb corporation. The corporation merged all its subsidiaries into one brand, Chubb Fire Security Ltd, in 1971, so it is unclear when this extinguisher was actually manufactured.


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fire extinguisher