Conical fire extinguisher

1967 in Feltham
Minimax Limited

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Conical fire extinguisher, model 4B, water type/soda acid, polythene lined (?), by Minimax, Feltham, Middlesex, Patent 846101, BSS 138, FOC No 24/2P, capacity 2 gallons, with bracket

These conical fire extinguishers were unique to the Minimax company, with the design known as ‘The Minimax’. Minimax was founded in 1903, opening a factory in 1911 that produced 1000 extinguishers a month with worldwide orders – including an order from the Czar of Russia. The Siberian Railway was stocked with Minimax extinguishers.

The factory continued producing throughout both World Wars, producing 200 extinguishers a month in WW1.

Minimax was taken over by The Pyrene Company in 1955, who were then taken over by Chubb security in 1967. The Feltham factory remained famous for its art-deco design, with the gateway retained as public art when the building was demolished in the 1980s. A number of nearby roads are named in the company’s honour.


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fire extinguisher