Model of 'Morph'

c.1981 in Bristol
Aardman Animations Limited

Animation model of Morph, c1981.

Morph is a clay character produced by Aardman for the BBC, firstly appearing in Take Hart: an art show for children presented by Tony Hart and first aired in 1977. Later, Morph appeared in SMart – a similar TV show presented without Tony Hart - and his own show, Morph, on Sky.

Before Aardman was formed, Peter Lord and David Sproxton made animated segments for Vision On, a BBC show aimed at integrating deaf children in to the wider community. An early form of Morph appeared on this show, in some of the regular Aardman Animation slots. These segments would feature the classic clay models talking in gibberish or acting in silence to a punchy score. The lack of dialogue was perfect for a show aimed at deaf children, and would continue long after Vision On ended and Aardman Animation set up their own company.

This model is an animation replica, made by Aardman around 1981, using the original mould. 1981 was the year Morph landed his first solo television show, entitled 'The Amazing Adventures of Morph', where he proved to fit his name well as he continuously morphed into different shapes.


Object Number:
animation model
  • visual and verbal communication
  • derivative object
  • copy - derivative object
  • reproduction
Aardman Animations Limited