Proszynski aeroscope camera

c. 1912 in London
Kazimierz Proszynski

Aeroscope cine camera for 35mm film in Debrie type 400 foot magazines, internal. Lens missing. Helical focusing mount, lever adjusted. Critical focusing on film front. Externally adjustable shutter. With compressed air motor drive. Speed adjustable 16, 20, 24 fps. tube type filling valve with protective cap. Power indicator dial. Folding frame finder with adjustable backsight. Provision for hand turning. On-off knob. Signed by Proszinski. No.151. Made by Cherry Kearton Limited.

Patented in 1910 by the Polish engineer K Proszynski, the Aeroscope was the first completely successful hand-held cine camera. Powered by compressed air, it was used by newsreel cameramen and most of the leading film companies from 1912 until the advent of sound. A separate compartment could carry up to 400 feet (122 metres) of 35mm film.


Object Number:
sidepanel: 218 mm x 350 mm x 40 mm,
pump pt1: 480 mm x 320 mm x 70 mm,
pump pt2: 370 mm x 90 mm x 25 mm,
cine camera
The Kodak Collection at the National Media Museum, Bradford