Andy Pandy & Teddy - on Tricycle


Andy Pandy and Teddy on tricycle puppet (marionette) replicas made in 1998 for the BBC's 'Small People' children's television promotion.

Andy Pandy is a marionette who starred as the titular character in the television series 'Andy Pandy', which first aired on 11 July 1950. He was later joined by regular characters Teddy and Looby Loo. In 1953 Andy Pandy was integrated into the 'Watch With Mother' strand of BBC television targeted to very young children. In 1970 a new series of colour episodes were filmed and in 2002 the series was remade, replacing the string puppets with stop-motion.

The character was conceived by Freda Lingstrom, Assistant Head of BBC Schools Broadcasting, who worked on 'Listen With Mother' on radio and was tasked with creating a young children’s show for television. The puppet was designed to act like the toddler viewers. Working with her friend Maria Bird, they created Westerham Arts to produce an initial group of filmed 'Andy Pandy' episodes. The show was then produced for television from Lime Grove Studios.

The original Andy Pandy puppet was created by a craftsman in the village of Westerham and he and Teddy are now in the collection of the Museum of London.

This replica was produced for the BBC promotional film 'Future Generations: Small People' which premiered as part of Children in Need in 1998. The film was a successor to the BBC’s 'Perfect Day' promo celebrating music at the BBC. 'Small People' highlights the importance of the licence fee in funding programming for young people. The film follows child actor Scott Chisholm through memorable scenes from children’s television history by superimposing the actor or recreating famous scenes. These Andy Pandy and Teddy puppets were made at a larger scale and appear with other puppet characters from the 1950s.


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paint, plastic (unidentified), textile and wood (unidentified)
The BBC Collection