Philips PC 60 colour television camera head

1966 in Europe
Philips Electronics

Philips PC 60 (LDK 3) colour television camera head, with Pye branding, manufactured in 1966.

Philips' first colour television camera. The PC 60 was used by the BBC for the launch of colour television for coverage of Wimbledon on 1 July 1967.

The camera head houses the scanning yokes, scanning circuits and signal amplifiers for all 3 colours. The light is split into three colours through a prism. All of the other electronics are housed in the Camera Control Unit (CCU). It was one of the first television cameras designed to use a zoom lens.

Philips developed the PC 60 in 1964 and provided prototypes for CBS in the United States. It was used by the BBC to broadcast coverage of the 1966 election in colour to the USA before the launch of the British colour television service. In the UK it was also marketed under the Pye and Peto-Scott brands.


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electronic components, glass and metal (unknown)
camera head
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