Building the Stationary Engine House, Camden Town, April 28th 1837

John Cooke Bourne

Lithograph, view of the London and Birmingham Railway when in course of construction by J. C. Bourne, published 1839. 'Building the Stationary Engine House, Camden Town, April 28th 1837'. Centre of foreground is occupied by half-built structure, workmen on and around are laying roofing, carrying parts and cutting wood among other activities. Other workmen further to the right and behind the main structure in the foreground are carrying or pushing loads across fairly flat ground. Behind the half-built engine house is a larger, complete building and to the right of this sits a smaller shed-like structure connected to the main scene via a plank of wood which is being used to transport loads from one part of the site the to the other. Next to the shed-like structure a plume of smoke is rising from a group of huddled people to the extreme right. In the distance on the left across the flat ground can bee seen a number of town houses among trees and fields. In the very front of the image to the left planks of wood and stone rubble is strewn across the grass.


Pictorial Collection (Railway)
Object Number:
lithograph and paper (fibre product)