Weedon Viaduct

John Cooke Bourne

Lithograph, view of the London and Birmingham Railway when in course of construction by J. C. Bourne, published 1839. ‘Weedon Viaduct’. To the left of a path on the left side of the image are a clump of bushes and trees. The path on the left forks just before the viaduct in the middle distance, one path going under the first visible archway on the left and the other through the third archway from the left. The viaduct spans almost the entire length of the image, in front of it to the right lies a grassy plain with gravestones randomly distributed across the land. At the very foreground to the left, a derelict brick structure sits beside the path and a man on a horse passes by it. Carriages and people can be seen travelling underneath the viaduct’s archways. Beyond the viaduct rooftops are visible among trees and further beyond that, the faint outline of some hills can be made out. Inscription at lower edge reads ‘Weedon Viaduct’.


Pictorial Collection (Railway)
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lithograph and paper