Untitled, from the Friendly Fire series

Anna Fox

Untitled colour photograph by Anna Fox, 1992-1994. One of six colour prints by Anna Fox collectively titled 'SHOT AWAY. Acquired under the terms of the 1992 ICI Photography Awards (UK Section). Captioned beneath photograph ''I didn't like the sound of this as a business when I first started it, I'm a vegetarian and a pacifist you know' Paintball Manager'.

This photograph was part of the Friendly Fire series, where Fox documented Paintball/weekend war games in the UK, predominantly around the M25 located in disused hospitals, army bases and farmland.

Untitled colour photograph by Anna Fox, 1992-1994. Paintball manager wearing animal mask and visored helmet holding radio.

Anna Fox (1961 - present) came to prominence during the 1980s when she began producing colour photographs in a style which became known as subjective documentary.

Influenced by the new colour work that had begun to be produced in the US in the 1970s, Fox's first project, 'Workstations: Office Life in London', chronicled office culture during the time that Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister.

Characterised by harsh flash, and accompanied by satirical captions, this project was a critical look at the aggressive and competitive work politics of the 1980s .

Friendly Fire was undertaken from 1989 – 1994 and documented paint-balling and other weekend war games.


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colour photograph
National Media Museum, Bradford