Inspection Saloon ex. Bicester Military Railway

LSWR dining car no.72 was built in 1907 renumbered 4134 in 1912. It was in use as a Diner until 1923 when ‘Ironclad’ Dining Cars came into service. It was then relegated to secondary service and gained the Southern Railway number of 7834 remaining in service to 1930. In 1931 it was rebuilt, losing its clerestory roof and became a ‘Nondescript’ saloon. In 1943 it was sold to the USATC and rebuilt as an Ambulance Car and given the number 201.

At the end of the Second World War this saloon along with USATC 202 and 204-7 went to the Longmoor Military Railway and from there to the Bicester Military Railway where it acquired the Army number 3018. Here it was converted to an Inspection Saloon, losing its gangway along with rebuilding inside and gaining end windows

16th May 1978 it was used to convey HM. the Queen around the Bicester site

LSWR dining car No.72 ex USATC Ambulance car No. 201 and subsequently converted to a saloon for the Bicester Military Railway


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