Norman 200B Portvale Flash Equipment


Box number 6, containing; Norman 200B Battery pack with leather shoulder/waist strap; Norman Charger; Norman LH2 200 watt Lamphead (holds bulb and reflectors) with adapter and transparent, domed slave sync; 4 Norman flashbulbs; plastic bag containing 2 Norman flash connectors and 1 very long flash sync lead; Norman silver 9" reflector (2H); Norman white 6" reflector with diffuser attached (2D RP); Norman silver 6" hammered reflector (2D); Norman Light Modifier (CF5 - black plastic with yellow bands); Norman heavy duty hinged bracket; Norman jointed lamp holder, tripod or lightstand mount (R4108); 15cm lead; double cable enabling use of 2 lampheads. Part of Shirley Beljon "Time Capsule" collection.


Photographic Technology
Object Number:
aluminium (metal), metal (unknown), plastic (unidentified), rubber (unidentified), electrical component and foil
depth: 40mm
height: 30mm
width: 130mm
overall (Slave sync): 105 mm x 105 mm x 270 mm,
depth: 100mm
height: 40mm
width: 50mm
depth: 105mm
height: 110mm
width: 115mm
depth: 140mm
height: 42mm
width: 95mm
depth: 240mm
height: 90mm
width: 140mm
diameter: 150mm
height: 80mm
diameter: 170mm
height: 10mm
diameter: 220mm
height: 70mm
flash equipment
Shirley Beljon