Cyberman boots

1988 in London
British Broadcasting Corporation

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Pair of boots belonging to the Cyberman costume as used in the TV series 'Doctor Who' made by the BBC, London, c.1988.

A pair of silver painted boots from a Cyberman Cyber Lieutenant, which appeared in the Doctor Who three-part story Silver Nemesis in 1988. The first episode was broadcast on 23 November, which was the 25th anniversary of the TV drama. The story was also the last appearance of Cybermen in the original series run.

Cybermen have several different origin stories with Doctor Who mythology, but the one constant is that they are a race of emotionless cyborgs incapable of compassion or free will. They ‘convert’ other races by forcibly adding cybernetic implants to them. They were created by story editor Gerry Davis and Dr. Kit Pedler, the unofficial scientific advisor to the show, in 1966. Pedler had the idea after a conversation with his wife, who was also a doctor, about what would happen if a person had so many mechanical body part replacements, they could no longer tell if they were man or machine.


Creative Industries
Object Number:
paint, rubber (unidentified) and textile
individual boot: 402 mm x 112 mm x 323 mm,