Clegg and Mellor roller covering collection


Collection of tools, machines and products made and used by the Oldham based roller covering business, Clegg and Mellor. Clegg and Mellor created coverings for a range of roller types, including those for combing machines, winding machines, draw frames and spinning machines. The material dates from around 1930-1989.

This collection of material comes from the roller covering workshop of the Oldham based company Clegg and Mellor.

Clegg and Mellor was founded in the 1860s and moved into the Werneth Lodge site in Oldham, in the early 1900s. The company was taken over by an apprentice of the company in the 1930s and the company continued to manufacture textile roller covers as well as draft aprons. In the later years of the company, there was an attempt to diversify into leather handbags and belts. The company closed in the 1980s. A large number of the tools and machines were made by Dronsfield Brothers, who were based at the Atlas Works in Oldham and manufactured a range of textile machinery.


Textile Industry
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roller covering equipment