Crew jacket worn by Paul Berry

2001 in United States

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Crew jacket worn by Paul Berry on the set of the 2001 20th Century Fox Film Corporation film Monkeybone. The film combines live action with stop-motion and clay animation. It was directed by Henry Selick and Paul Berry was Supervising Animator.

The crew worked on the animation for over three years. There are 24 frames per second. One minute of the finished film could take over a week to film. The crew would be working together for long intense periods.

Brendan Fraser plays a cartoonist Stu Miley who created a comic strip featuring Monkeybone a mischievous monkey. In the film Miley and Monkeybone swap bodies. It is filmed in both live-action and animation. Although not a box-office hit, the quirky comedy has been praised for its clever use of animation.


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