Autodesk (Discreet Logic) Flint

2003 in Canada

Autodesk (Discreet Logic) Flint on SGI computer graphics system.

This Flint graphics system was taken out of service because the system/hardware is now out of date and not supported any more by their contract plan with manufacturer, Autodesk. Flame and its smaller brother Flint were the hot names of broadcast and commercial computer graphics post production for many years. While Flint is no longer made, Flame is still going strong. The museum would not necessarily be better off ignoring this, and acquiring a Flame system in a few years, because Flint was a classic in its own right. While Flame was popular with commercial post houses, the Flint was hugely popular with broadcasters and smaller post houses –that did not require the rendering speed. Nonetheless, the SGI computer system it ran on was incredibly fast for its day, allowing real time playback of video media. Included are the user manuals, and a draft digitised reel of work which this machine produced.


Object Number:
metal (unknown), plastic (unidentified) and electronic components
SGI overall (estimate): 500 mm x 400 mm x 400 mm,
computer graphics system
Darian Weir