JVC HR-3300 VHS Video Recorder

1976 in Japan

JVC HR-3300 VHS video cassette recorder, manufactured by JVC in 1976. With a Konica VHS video cassette.

JVC HR-3300 is the first VHS video cassette recorder (VCR).

JVC HR-3300 was sold first in Japan on 31 October 1976, then in the USA and UK in 1977. The VHS format was developed by JVC, following other companies attempts to produce a consumer video tape system, including Philips VCR which launched in 1972 and Sony Betamax 1975.

Following its release VHS competition with Sony’s Betamax became known as ‘format wars’. Betamax produced a higher quality image but reduced the tapes run time, whereas VHS was able to record two hours on one tape. JVC allowed other manufacturers to produce the VHS format and it soon became dominant in the marketplace worldwide.

Despite later commercial video product rivals, including Philips Video2000 and the digital Laserdisc technology, VHS remained the primary tool for home viewing and recording until the arrival of DVD saw its decline from the late 1990s. Manufacture of VHS equipment ceased in 2016.


Object Number:
aluminium alloy, electronic components, plastic (unidentified) and steel (metal)
JVC recorder: 155 mm x 447 mm x 340 mm, 13.36 kg
Konica cassette: 26 mm x 187 mm x 104 mm,
video recorder