Fisher Price Smart Toy Bear

Mattel Inc.

Fisher Price Smart Toy Bear and original cardboard packaging. Made by Mattel, Inc., El Segundo, California, USA, 2016

The Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear is an example of the many smart devices and internet-connected devices (often referred to as “Internet of Things”) available on the consumer market in the mid to late 2010s.

The bear listens, interacts, and learns with young children. Through a combination of image and voice recognition, machine learning, and “Big Data”, the smart toy can figure out a child’s favourite activities to create personalised adventures. The Smart Toy is also wi-fi connected and so can, Fisher-Price claim, create an unlimited number of activities for a child to enjoy and learn.

The Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear is both an approachable and personal example of “Big Data” and the “Internet of Things” in everyday life and in particular children’s learning. It also connects with wider concerns about surveillance and smart toys “spying” on children and the potential vulnerability of consumers and their personal information in the age of smart technology.


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teddy bear and packaging
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