Model (scale 1:4), of double blast steam powered threshing machine, with two removable mahogany side panels, to reveal the inner workings

1850-1860 in England
Hailstone, Mr.

Model (scale 1:4), of double blast steam powered threshing machine, by Mr Hailstone, England, 1860-1880

Model (scale 1:4). This model represents a double-blast threshing machine made in 1860 by Wallis, Haslam and Steevens. The machine was designed to be powered by a portable steam engine or, as the 19th century progressed, more often by an agricultural steam traction engine. Unlike earlier barn based-threshing machinery these threshers were mobile and were usually moved from job to job, either by horse power or, later, by the traction engine itself.

The double-blast refers to the provision of two fans employed during the winnowing stage. The vendor, Mr. W. G. Hailstone of Basingstoke, informed the Museum that his late father had made the model 'for exhibition'. Portions of the model have been 'cut-away', either by the maker, or later by the Museum, to show the inner workings of the threshing drum. We do not know if the late Mr. Hailstone Senior had been a craftsman employed at the firm but the level of detail suggests that the maker was very familiar with the full-size item, and the quality of finish would imply a skilled hand. The vendor goes on to note that the nuts, bolts and screws used in its construction are hand-made.


Agricultural Engineering
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W. G. Hailstone