Mudskipper Spray [3]

2018 in London
James Capper

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'Mudskipper Spray [3]' by James Capper, showing the technical and visual development of his Mudskipper / Walking Workboat project, 2018. Felt tip, ink and spray paint on paper. The boat is shown broadside as if sailing to the left, the hull in mottled orange and silver above a solid brown, with pale yellow, dark blue and orange upper cabin and infrastructure.

One of a set of four drawings selected with the artist to demonstrate the trajectory of his designs for the walking boat, particularly the mottled spray-painted hull developed in response to the skin of the Mudskipper fish as well as to WW1 painting of dazzle camouflage on ships. The spray paint technique used on these drawings is the same planned for the hull of the boat.

This third drawing in the sequence shows the second boat type considered for the project, named 'Diveco 3', chosen for Mudskipper as having a better hull shape and sitting lower in the water. The hull pattern shows Capper's development of his new spray-paint technique, experimenting further with overlaid layers of paint, and use of silver.


Object Number:
ink, paper (fibre product) and spray paint
overall: 700 mm x 1000 mm