BBC Record Select+Monitor Panel


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Record select+monitor panel. Allows user to control level of studio and cubicle loudspeakers.

PA8/382 Record Select and Monitor Panel

This machine allows the user to control the level of studio and article loudspeakers, and to select the source to be recorded on any one of 5 tape machines. The orange buttons allowed tape m/cs to be remotely started from this desk. The meters indicated the level of ‘voice over’ on an outside source (OS) and grams (REP). The mic meter indicated the amount of limiting applied to the microphone inputs automatically to prevent too high a signal sent to a transmitter and causing overload distortion on the radio at home.

The user adjusted controls as required and watched meters to avoid excessive limiting of the signal. Faders on PA8/379 units were adjusted to control level of desk out.


Object Number:
metal (unknown) and plastic (unidentified)
record select -monitor panel