One box of Boots Liberelle Compact Tampons with applicator

2010-2018 in Germany
Boots The Chemists

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One box of Boots Liberelle Compact Tampons with applicator, regular, 20 tampons. Made in Germany by Boots.

The Boots website advertises these tampons as offering 'long lasting protection' and 'are as absorbant as the leading brand'. The leading brand in the UK in 2018 was Tampax, so presumably the material is referencing this.

The material on the website also describes how the tampons expand lengthways in order to fit each users body to 'ensure security and full protection'. The tampon also come with a 'smooth applicator with rounded tip for easy insertion' and are 'small and discreet', 'perfect for your handbag'. This kind of language focuses on the desire to hide menstruation from others and also tends to fit into hetronormative assumptions that people who menstruate use handbags.

At the time of writing, Boots had an offer on where two packets of their Liberelle Tampons were available for £2, which brings the cost of each tampon down to just 5p.


Obstetrics, Gynaecology & Contraception
Object Number:
cotton (fibre), plastic (unidentified) and rayon
overall: 95 mm x 100 mm x 65 mm,
applicator tampon