Artificial arm with knife accessory for eating


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Artificial arm with knife accessory for eating, made by Desoutter Brothers Ltd, 1940, with original ‘care and upkeep’ signed letter from Desoutter.

Cream metal left (below elbow) prosthetic arm with leather upper-arm band for suspension. Articulated fingers and tenon thumb, with palm-box fitting for optional knife attachment. Knife comes with leather pouch. Original letter from Desoutter and envelope containing 7 photographs of wearer.

This prosthetic arm was made for and worn by Mr Albert William Smith following an accident at work which caused him to lose his arm. Albert was born in Watford Herts on January 1st 1900. He lived in Hagden Lane in Watford and worked at John Dickenson's Paper Mill in Croxley Green. It was in this job that Albert lost his arm in an industrial accident in 1940. Albert kept his job and worked there until he retired. Albert's family explained 'he lived until his 80th year and died the morning after he was told that "the Mill" had closed down'.


Object Number:
leather and metal (unknown)
prosthetic appliance