Portable plate raiser


Portable plate raiser used by Rosaleen Moriarty-Simmonds, who lives with impairements caused by thalidomide, designed by Stephen Simmonds consisting of a space/extra shelving for cupboards with folding legs purchased from Lakeland, cork tiling and nonslip matting added, 2010-2019.

Rosaleen is a businesswoman, artist, campaigner and adviser in the field of disability rights and equality. While pregnant, Rosaleen’s mother took a drug containing thalidomide on medical advice which caused the development of Rosaleen’s limbs to be impacted.

Rosaleen uses adapted devices in her every-day life from her electrically powered wheelchair to her smartphone holder. Rosaleen and her husband Stephen developed a low-tech solution to make her meals higher and easier to eat out of easily accessible household items such as Tupperware and placemats.

Stephen Simmonds designed this plate raiser himself after discovering there was nothing on the market to assist with the crucial everyday task of eating. This object superseded an earlier design of his, adding nonslip matting and extra space.

People living with impairments caused by thalidomide have often had to make do with products that were not designed for their needs. Another example is that high street clothing is rarely designed for people with missing limbs, and specific clothing often has to be chosen and altered to suit people’s bodies.


Object Number:
PVC and Polypropylene (70%) & Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA, 30%), stainless steel, cork
Rosie Moriarty-Simmonds, OBE