LEGO® model of linear accelerator treatment room


LEGO® model of a linear accelerator including treatment room, control panel and maze developed by Eva McClean at IPEM (Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine), to use as an outreach tool by IPEM members to talk to children and their families about radiotherapy, built by Bright Bricks, 2019

Used to help children and their families understand what happens during radiotherapy, this LEGO® model shows a linear accelerator treatment room. A linear accelerator or linac is one of the most common types of radiotherapy machines. High energy x-rays or electrons are targeted at a cancerous tumour to prevent damage to surrounding tissue. Treatment is given in short bursts over a series of days. To prevent high energy beams exiting the treatment room, a series or corridors known as a maze are included.

Developed in collaboration with radiographers to make sure the model is accurate, the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine lend these models like these to their members.


Object Number:
model - representation
  • visual and verbal communication
Bright Bricks Ltd; The LEGO Group