Demonstration model of the IsoCord® magazine

2017-2019 in Berlin

Demonstration model of the IsoCord® magazine, a transport container and a drive for the IsoCord® Seed Chain, with cardboard and plastic packaging, part of the IscoCord® prostate seed brachytherapy system made by BEBIG GBmH, an Eckert & Ziegler company, Berlin, Germany, 2017-2019

An IsoCord® magazine holds up to 60 radioactive ‘seeds’ in chain with spacers and wrapped in suture material. These seeds are used in a cancer treatment known as low dose brachytherapy. To treat prostate cancer, 80 to 120 seeds, each as small a grain of rice, are placed in the body via long needles while a person has a general anaesthetic. The spacers and suture material are absorbed by the body. By placing radioactive material into the prostate, cancerous cells are targeted while minimising the impact to health tissue. Each seed emits radiation of a radioisotope known as iodine-125 for up to a year. The metal container acts as a transport container and is used with the Isocord® Needle Driver to help protect the person preparing the treatment.


Object Number:
cardboard, metal and plastic
overall: 90 mm x 90 mm x 10 mm,