Sterilisation tray for IsoCord® low dose brachytherapy cancer treatment system


Sterilisation tray (NLZ100) for IsoCord® accessories and Needle Loading Station, made by BEBIG GBmH, an Eckert & Ziegler company, Berlin, Germany, 2017-2019

Designed to fit all the parts of IsoCord® system, used to prepare a low dose treatment for prostate cancer, the tray and any accessories can be sterilised using steam. This means the kit can safely be re-used. The tray can also be used for storage.

The IsoCord® system uses ‘seeds’ that emit radiation for up to a year. In treating prostate cancer, the seeds are placed in the body via needles while a person has a general anaesthetic. By placing radioactive material into the prostate, cancerous cells are targeted while minimising the impact to health tissue. This type of cancer treatment is known as brachytherapy.


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metal and plastic