IsoCord® Needle Loading Station to prepare low dose brachytherapy cancer treatment

2017-2019 in Berlin state

IsoCord® Needle Loading Station (NSL 101), serial number 209-15, used to prepare implantation needles with seeds for low dose brachytherapy for prostate cancer, with a plastic carry-case, made by BEBIG GBmH, an Eckert & Ziegler company, Berlin, Germany, 2017-2019

Designed to make preparing a low dose cancer treatment known as brachytherapy efficient and as safe as possible this device known as IsoCord® Needle Loading Station adds radioactive ‘seeds’ into needles so they can be implanted. To treat prostate cancer, 80 to 120 seeds, each as small a grain of rice, are placed in the body via long needles while a person has a general anaesthetic. By placing radioactive material into the prostate, cancerous cells are targeted while minimising the impact to health tissue. Each seed emits radiation of a radioisotope known as iodine-125 for up to a year. It is fully sterilisable by steam so it can be safely reused. It also includes a cutting tool so the IsoSeed® chain held in the magazine can be cut to size.


Object Number:
metal and plastic
Needle loading station: 50 mm x 300 mm x 200 mm,
medical instrument
  • furnishing and equipment
  • tools & equipment