Pig cough monitor control unit with analysing software


Control unit with analysing software, part of the Pig Cough Monitor, known as PCM.2, by Fancom BV, Netherlands, 2017

Using specially designed software, this control unit is at the centre of the Pig Cough Monitor (PCM). Taking recordings and readings from microphones suspended over pig pens, the PCM aims to analyse the frequency of pigs’ coughs to help identify respiratory infections earlier. Farmers are alerted by text of any changes of their health of their animals. By intervening earlier and ordering further diagnostic tests, antibiotic use may be reduced or avoided. Reducing the unnecessary use of antibiotics in farming as well as humans is being targeted one way of tackling antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

Based on early promising results, makers Fancom B.V, in collaboration with SoundTalks NV, a spin-off company of the Univerity of Leuven and the University of Milan launched the Pig Cough Monitor in 2011. It was tested as part of the European Union’s Precision Livestock Farming project to look at uses of smart technologies in improving productivity and animal welfare.


Veterinary Medicine
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metal (unknown) and plastic (unidentified)
Fancom, Panningen, The Netherlands