Dr. John Prideaux interviewed by Frank Paterson (session 1 of 2)

Frank Paterson

Oral history interview with Dr. John Prideaux, conducted and recorded by Frank Paterson (session 1) at the interviewee's home in London on 28 March 2019. Duration: 50 min. 42 sec. Early career; Serpell Report; British Rail Policy Unit; Director InterCity; aim to make InterCity profitable; quality improvements; European railways comparisons; exercise with University of Leeds; Civil Service acceptance of methodology; relationships between sectors and regions; Geoff Myers; John Edmonds; development of InterCity strategy; Stephan Glaister; Policy Unit; Richard Brown; Chris Stokes; Sidney Newey; InterCity branding; into profit 1989; East Coast Main Line (ECML) electrification; Cross Country and West Coast upgrades; recession 1991; Special Trains sub-sector; relationships with politicians and trade unions; privatisation discussions with Malcolm Rifkind; John Welsby move from InterCity; Chris Green move from Network South East (NSE); Evening Standard; Heathrow Express

One of over 150 oral history recordings made as part of the Britain’s Railways All Change (BRAC) archive project. BRAC was set-up to cover gaps in documenting the railway privatisation process in the United Kingdom, between 1994 and 1997, when the government-owned British Rail was dismantled into over 100 privately-owned companies. The interviews capture the recollections of people involved in the planning and implementation of the privatisation process, the management of change and running the railway during privatisation.


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Courtesy of John Prideaux. Britain's Railways All Change (BRAC) oral history archive, created in partnership with the Friends of the National Railway Museum, the Retired Railway Officers' Society and the National Railway Museum.