Condom packaging, Durex 'Gossamer'


Empty carton of 3 Durex 'Gossamer' condoms (preservatifs), with instruction leaflet, manufactured by Hispano Ico, Spain and distributed in France by Laboratoires GANI, c1992 (expiry date November 1997)

Part of a small personal collection of condoms and packaging dating from around the 1990s, this product is an example of the increased use of condoms internationally following the emergence of HIV and AIDS. Previously marketed as contraception, condom products diversified as they began to be targeted at a wider range of people, which led to new flavours, textures, and colours.

Gossamer refers to something light, delicate or insubstantial. One reason often given for not wanting to use a condom during intercourse is because it reduces sensation and doesn’t feel as good. By using the word gossamer on their condom boxes, Durex are implying their condoms feel thin and that customers can still enjoy sex while staying safe.


Obstetrics, Gynaecology & Contraception
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