8mm amateur footage by David Hodge, reel J

1965-1967 in Bournemouth

8mm 50 feet film reel, footage made by amateur filmmaker, David Hodge, filmed between 1965-1967, when he worked at Bournemouth shed. Filmmaker's description of the content: A Class 5 and a diesel shunter after collision (3 views); 34015 Exmouth outside Shed; Mechanical lubricator being filled by Driver Peter Guy; Ivatt tank being watered in next road; Close-up of nameplate; View of Station from Beechey Road bridge; Interior of Shed looking out. Breakdown train in No. 4 Road. Boilerwasher Norman Whale boxing up engine in No. 3 Road; View from rear door of Shed; Ditto with train disappearing; Steamraiser Charlie Morris passing very clean 76007; Turner Johnnie Blackmore beckoning her on to turntable; View of 34047 Callington just cleaned; 76007 passes; Nameplate close-up; View of trains from same position but too dark to use. Reel J. Colour and silent footage. Some of the content of this reel has been cut out and used in 'Bournemouth shed' films by the filmmaker.


Moving Images
Object Number:
cardboard, plastic (unidentified) and cellulose acetate
overall: 100 mm x 130 mm x 10 mm,
film reel
David Hodge