'Outreach vaccination hub' sign, displayed outside by the Muslim Culture & Welfare Association of Sutton


'Outreach vaccination hub' sign with handwritten dates displayed outside by the Muslim Culture & Welfare Association of Sutton used as an NHS COVID-19 vaccination centre, in collaboration with Sutton Medical Centre, Sutton Primary Care Networks, showing an image of a gloved hand holding a vial of vaccine with a visualisation of the COVID-19 virus, 2021

Over four sessions in February, March, May and June 2021, over 1000 doses of the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine were given at the Muslim Cultural & Welfare Association of Sutton. Anyone over 65 or with existing health conditions that put them at higher risk of COVID-19 was eligible. Staffed by local doctors including Dr Kashif Aziz and Dr Nadeem Ali and supported by Sutton Medical Centre and Sutton Primary Care networks, people could access the vaccine and information if they had questions. It was hoped that people who used the masjid for prayer would feel comfortable getting their vaccine at a place they already knew.

For some people it was their first ever visit to Muslim Cultural & Welfare Association of Sutton (MCWAS) and an opportunity to learn more about their neighbours. During the pandemic, the MCWAS provided online prayer, lectures and podcasts, activities for children, particularly during Eid and food boxes for the local community.

The COVID-19 vaccine roll out has taken place in hospitals, GP clinics and pharmacies alongside sporting venues, shopping centres, cultural institutions, mobile units and places of worship. In some cases, people are asked to travel to a vaccine hub, or the vaccine is brought into local communities to help improve access. Faith leaders have played an important role in providing information about the vaccine to people who may be unsure about having it.


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