Photograph of Stephen Hawking with American President Bill Clinton

1998 in The White House
The White House
Photograph of Stephen Hawking with American President Bill

Photograph of Stephen Hawking with American President Bill
White House Official Photographe
© White House Official Photographer

Framed photograph of Stephen Hawking with President Bill Clinton. Also in the picture are Bill's wife Hillary Rodham Clinton, Stephen's wife at the time Elaine Mason, and two unknown younger men in the back.

This photograph was taken during Stephen Hawking's visit to the White House in March 5, 1998.

One of the most frequent items on the walls of Stephen Hawking's office are photographs of individuals, most often original prints. A good portion of these are individual portraits of his scientific heroes; he did not have individual photos of his closest mentors or collaborators, as those appear in several group photos taken during academic conferences. A few of the photos, whose selection may have been haphazard, point to the everyday fun of working with colleagues. Another subset of photographs, all dating after the 1987 publication of A Brief History of time, relate to Stephen's contact with celebrities and politicans, or media appearances. A few of the photographs relate to people with whom Stephen shared specific causes. Finally, also present in his office are photographs of some of of the sponsors of the scientific activities of Stephen and his academic department.

Stephen also had multiple photograph of his family, but they were not included in the office acquisition.


Stephen Hawking Office
Stephen Hawking’s Office
Object Number:
paper (fibre product) and plastic (unidentified)
overall: 205 mm x 264 mm x 85 mm, .31 kg
color photograph and frame
Accepted in lieu of Inheritance Tax by H M Government from the Estate of Stephen Hawking and allocated to the Science Museum, 2021