Pepper shaker

Pepper shaker

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Pepper shaker
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Pepper shaker

Stephen Hawking's office was fitted with a kitchen counter covering a whole wall under his bookcases. This included a refrigerator, microwave oven, sink and several counters with storage space. Just down the corridor, his academic department (known as 'DAMPT', the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge) included a common room where conferences and daily tea-time gatherings were held, as was already the tradition in his previous office on Silver Street, and Stephen loved to attend.

Theoretical physics is not a lone enterprise, and much progress in Stephen Hawking's work, as that of most of his peers, occurred in group settings, working long hours, caffeinated, working together in front of blackboards and computer screens.

The kitchen in his office catered for smaller groups of visitors while working with Stephen, and it also supported some of his more specific care needs.


Stephen Hawking Office
Stephen Hawking’s Office
Object Number:
plastic (unidentified), metal (unknown), glass and paper (fibre product)
overall: 118 mm 53 mm, .12 kg
kitchenware and pepper pot
Accepted in lieu of Inheritance Tax by H M Government from the Estate of Stephen Hawking and allocated to the Science Museum, 2021