Dick Keegan interviewed by Frank Paterson

2021-11-18 in London
Frank Paterson

Oral history interview with Dick Keegan, conducted by Frank Paterson in London on the 18th November 2021. Duration 57min. 08 sec. Early career; Kings Cross Development; Kings Cross Parliamentary Bill; Channel Tunnel terminal process and decisions; 1992 Director projects; Staffing at Management Buy Out; Expanding professions skills; Bid to Buy Transmark rejected; development of stand alone business; vendor unit support level; Rejected Bids; Department of Transport directed BRB to accept the offer; Company structure; Operational Research Staff salary directives; Business sold to Peter Watson Group; Personal views; Consultancy Business specialising in rail Infrastructure.

One of over 150 oral history recordings made as part of the Britain’s Railways All Change (BRAC) archive project. BRAC was set-up to cover gaps in documenting the railway privatisation process in the United Kingdom, between 1994 and 1997, when the government-owned British Rail was dismantled into over 100 privately-owned companies. The interviews capture the recollections of people involved in the planning and implementation of the privatisation process, the management of change and running the railway during privatisation.


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